Coordinate Your Home with an Area Rug and Matching Runner


One room at a time is frequently discussed when we talk about interior design. transforming your bedroom into a peaceful haven, designing a living room along the seaside or simply choosing the ideal decor for your guest bathroom.However, no space in your house is an island. What if you want to make the spaces seem more cohesive with one another? If so, you might want to think about putting in amatching runner rug.

Why Have an Area Rug with A Matching Runner?

A smooth transition between spaces can be achieved by using matching rugs to provide a sense of coherence and aesthetic harmony. When a uniform, cohesive aesthetic is desired, this method performs well in residences. Even with a disjointed look throughout your house, a matching area rug in the living room and hallway can draw attention to your meticulous attention to detail and give seemingly unrelated design elements a more deliberate vibe.

Tips for Matching Hallway Runner and Area Rugs

  • To Match Or Coordinate

You can either choose rugs that match exactly in both spaces or choose carpets that go well together in terms of colour and design. Coordinated rugs allow for some variation and interpretation of what is deemed a unifying feature, whereas matching rugs strongly generate a sense of unity.

  • Keep It Consistent

One way to match rugs is to have two designs that are the same, or you can choose complementing colours or patterns. Make sure the colour scheme for the area rug and the hallway runner is harmonious if you decide to harmonise the colours. As a result, the transition between spaces is smooth. If you decide to go with a pattern, pick one that is complementary or comparable to both rugs.

  • Size Harmony

Make sure that the area rug and hallway runner fit the measurements of each region. The size of the carpets in each room should be appropriate. Perhaps more crucially, though, is that every rug should be about the same size concerning the space it occupies. You don’t want your area rug to have a two-foot gap on all sides and your hallway runner rug to be right up against the wall.

  • Balance Boldness

You may choose to add one rug with a striking pattern or colour if you want to achieve a coordinated look rather than exact matching. To avoid overpowering the entire design, your best option in this case is to counterbalance it with a more muted or neutral carpeting in the adjacent room. Consider matching the rug border, pattern, or texture to keep everything cohesive.

  • Rug Layering

You should think about layering rugs for more intrigue and depth. There are two ways to use this well-liked decorating style. Allowing the hallway runner to enter the living room and eventually land on top of the larger area rug is one way to go about this. As an alternative, you could place a runner with the same striking pattern or colour in the hallway and cover a bigger, more neutral rug in your living room with a rug with a bolder pattern or colour.

  • Make It Your Own

Since it’s your house, you should follow your instincts and sense of style! A possibility to add your style to your interior decor is presented by matching rugs. For a look that feels perfect for you and your area, don’t be afraid to explore and defy established design guidelines.

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