How to gain better productivity with online surveys?


Today, many companies face the issue of collecting feedback from employees or customers. Using online surveys in business will help improve the quality of work, collect information quickly, increase the loyalty of customers, and evaluate new ideas and products. So, how to make a survey free and analyze information about your audience?

How to increase survey conversion?

Online surveys are convenient and protected from dishonest filling by respondents. In addition, in the settings of many constructors, you can prohibit the transition to the next question until the answer to the current one is received. The effectiveness of the collected information depends on the quality of the questions and the choice of their format. It is essential to determine the target audience of the survey, its goals, and its objectives in advance.

If you ask the wrong questions in the wrong sequence, you will not get the desired result – the information will be distorted and useless. Therefore, there are several tips on how to make a survey more effective:

  • Collection of quantitative and qualitative information

Surveys are suitable for collecting quantitative data, but it is also important to collect qualitative information for deeper analysis. Numbers alone are not enough. When rating something, ask why the user gave that rating.

  • Statistical processing

You can use the statistical processing function to analyze the received answers directly in the voting programs for faster processing of responses and further implementation of changes.

  • Simple and concise

It is essential to foresee the number of questions and the time that will be spent on completing the survey. So that the audience can honestly and quickly answer the most important things, it is recommended to test the created questionnaire in advance on a test group of respondents.

  • Ready-made answers

It is much easier for people to choose something from ready-made options, so provide a drop-down list where possible with the option “enter your answer.”

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